Tissue Microarray and Quantitative Digital Pathology Image Analysis Workshop

Tissue microarray has proved to be a versatile and portable technology, it is widley used in cancer research and in clinical pathology laboratories. The rapid integration of tissue microarrays into biomarker discovery and validation processes reflects the forward thinking of researchers who have pioneered the high-density tissue microarray. The precise arrangement of hundreds of archival clinical tissue samples into a composite tissue microarray block is now a proven method for the efficient and standardized analysis of molecular markers. With applications in cancer research, tissue microarrays are a valuable tool in validating candidate markers discovered through highly sensitive genome-wide microarray experiments. With applications in clinical pathology, tissue microarrays are used widely in immunohistochemistry quality control and quality assurance. The tissue microarray format provides opportunities for digital imaging acquisition, image processing and database integration. Advances in digital imaging help to alleviate previous bottlenecks in the research pipeline, permit computer image scoring and convey telepathology opportunities for remote image analysis. The tissue microarray industry now includes public and private sectors with varying degrees of research utility and offers a range of potential tissue microarray applications in basic research, prognostic oncology and drug discovery.

The objective of the “WORKSHOP” is to discuss with a Panel of key Experts on the use of Tissue Microarray and Visual Imaging Technologies in Research (for Biomarker Validation) and Disgnostics Applications.

The workshop also will include a session of Galileo Tissue Microarray Users which will present real case studies and discuss problems, improvments and future perspectives.

Vendors will describe their state of the art of their producs and run an Hands-on Session where participants can create their on TMA block  and analyse their TMA Glass Slide with the Digital Scanner and Visual Imaging SW.

The workshop objective is to motivate Pathologists, Histopathologists, Researchers and others to use the TMA Technology in Research and Diagnostic Applications

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